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Free Clothes, Household Items, & Marketplace: 


The Ukrainian Newcomer Furniture Warehouse offers Ukrainian Newcomers coming under CUAET visa free furniture to help get them started in Edmonton! If you would like to book an appointment at our warehouse please visit our sign-up link here.

FREE Clothes, Household, & Furniture list of donation locations in Calgary & Edmonton details for pick-up & drop-off.

Kijiji is A platform for private transactions and services such as rental properties, employment, buying used vehicles, clothing and housewares, etc.

Facebook Marketplace A private transaction platform through Facebook that operates similarly to Kijiji.

Facebook Buy & Sell groups You can join Buy & Sell groups in your neighbourhood to find used housewares, clothing, and other items at a good price. Search “Buy & Sell” in Facebook and join any group in your area.

Coupon Cutie Canada Instagram and Facebook accounts that share a variety of sales and coupons.

Amazon Online retailer that offers the largest selection of everyday items and quick shipping options.

Ukraine Safe Haven provides support to displaced Ukrainians arriving in Canada.


List of Canadian Mobile Providers There is several mobile providers to choose from in Canada. Mobile phone plans are much more expensive than in Ukraine. It is most cost effective to sign up for a monthly plan where you pay the same amount each month as long as you do not go over your monthly limit. Pre-pay or pay as you go options tend to be more expensive. The average monthly plan is around $50-65/ month.

List of TV Providers in Alberta – There are two major cable providers in Canada: Telus and Shaw. The cable package you choose will determine the number of channels you can access.

List of Internet Providers in Alberta  – The biggest internet providers in Canada are Telus and Shaw.


You can find information about bussing, LRT and other public transportation services here.

Bike lanes – there are a few bike lanes in Edmonton and Calgary

Taxi/Uber – These services are available but fairly expensive.


Food Banks Alberta list of the locations & phone numbers for food banks across Alberta that provide food support.

Catholic Social Services Food security program: Provides food hamper to families in need: Mondays 1-3 pm, Tuesdays to Thursdays 9-3p

List of Grocery Stores in Alberta Food can be purchased at various grocery and convenience stores. See your local store for details. Prices vary by store. Superstore/No Frills/Walmart generally has the best prices. Superstore & Walmart also offer cosmetics and hygiene products, clothes, housewares, and pet food.

There are many specialty stores where you can find European products, such as The Italian Centre (Edmonton and Calgary), Baltyk Bakery and Deli (Edmonton), Polonia Deli (Edmonton), Kalyna European Food Store (Calgary), European Market (Calgary), and Polcan European Deli (Calgary).

Some stores offer point collection programs with additional savings. Sales and promotions are common.


Edmonton and Calgary offer private and public parking spaces. Make sure you pay attention to which spots require paid parking, especially near universities and downtown areas. Cities typically enforce the parking laws strictly, if you park in a paid parking area without payment expect either a steep fine or even getting towed. Some paid parking areas have times of day when there is free parking (e.g. a certain hour or day).

EPark – is the paid parking service in Edmonton.

311 – you can phone this number to ask question about services in your city (they have Ukrainian language interpreters).

Red Deer


There are many extracurricular activities for children within Alberta: Sports, Arts, Dance, Music, Scouts, etc. You will have to register and pay for most programs; programs vary in price. Some facilities/programs offer discounts to low income and newcomer families.

When school closes for the summer, there are many day camps for children that vary in price.

Ukrainian Businesses, Museums, and Historic Sites in Alberta

Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association if you are interested in Ukrainian dancing, you can find your local Ukrainian dance community here.

Alberta Soccer Association if you are interested in playing soccer, you can find your local soccer community here.

Alberta School of Music if you are interested in taking Music Lessons, you can find local programming here.

Big Brother Big Sisters is an organization to promote healthy minds, bodies, and people.

CYM Edmonton Ukrainian Youth Association is a youth leadership group in Edmonton that promotes Ukrainian language, culture, & traditions.

CYM Calgary Ukrainian Youth Association is a youth leadership group in Calgary that promotes Ukrainian language, culture, & traditions.

CYMK-UOY is a Ukrainian Orthodox Youth Group in Alberta that promotes faith, service, & leadership.

Green Shack Program is organized by community leagues for children during the summer. They usually take place in playgrounds and are free of charge. These are not daycare programs and kids should not be left unattended.

Catholic Social Services Homework Club: Tuesdays 5-7 pm ( in person) & Thursdays online 5-7 pm

Jumpstart – Canadian Tire gives families financial means to participate in sports and recreation.

Kidsport Canada provides grants to help cover the registration costs so all kids aged 18 and under can play a season of sport.

Ourkids list of camps for kids in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, to overnight camps in the foothills and the northern part of the province.

ParticipACTION provides informational resources for Canadians to make physical activity a vital part of their everyday life.

Plast Edmonton is a Ukrainian youth leadership organization in Edmonton that promotes outdoor activities & life skill development.

Plast Calgary is a youth leadership organization in Calgary that promotes outdoor activities & lifeskill development.

Recreational Pass & Transit Discounts – Edmonton

The Leisure Access Program (LAP)allows eligible low-income Edmontonians to access participating City of Edmonton recreation facilities which offer amenities such as workout facilities, swimming pools and other health and wellness programs. Edmonton will provide Ukrainian newcomers residing in Edmonton the RideTransit discount pass and free/discounted Leisure Pass that is granted for residents with refugee status. General information can be found here and the application form can be found here.

(LAP stands for Leisure Access Pass)
Standard Rate Ukraine
Displaced Persons Discount Rate
LAP 1 Year Recreation Membership $732 (adult)
$576 (senior/youth)
$468 (child)
$2028 (family)
Free LAP membership includes free admission to our recreation facilities
LAP 1 Year Attractions Membership  $130 (adult)
$104 (senior/youth)
$88 (child)
$361 (family)
Free LAP membership includes free admission to our attractions (Edmonton Valley Zoo, Muttart Conservatory, John Jansen Nature Centre)
LAP Program Discounts Dependant on program 75% 75% discount for Adults/Seniors for registered programs (3 per year)
75% discount for Child/Youth for registered programs (4 per year)
Ride Transit 1 Year $100 per month

$35 per month (tier 1)

$50 per month (tier 2)

Eligibility tiers are income-based. Ukraine displaced residents will receive the $35/month rate.

Recreational Pass & Transit Discounts – Calgary

The Fair Entry Program allows eligible low-income Calgarians access to participating City of Calgary programs and services with one application (such as Recreation Fee Assistance and Transit Passes). The passes will be available to Ukrainian newcomers (under CUAET) access to these discounts.

To apply you must work with an eligible social worker, which you can find at the Centre for Newcomers in Calgary. To apply for the Fair Entry program online click here or to apply by mail, fax or drop off click here.

City Subsidy Programs About the program Other things I need to know
Recreation Fee Assistance This program provides lower cost fees for City of Calgary Recreation facilities, golf courses, leisure centres, and access to partnering organizations. Once you have obtained Fair Entry approval, take your photo ID and your Fair Entry approval letter with you to any Calgary Recreation leisure centre or aquatic centre to receive your Recreation Fee Assistance Card.
Calgary Transit Low Income Transit Pass Program This program provides lower cost monthly passes for adults (18 and older), youth (6–17 years of age), and an annual pass for seniors (65+). ● Adult and youth Transit pass pricing is determined on a sliding scale.
● Photo ID is required at the time of purchase.
● Your Fair Entry account can be linked to your My Fare Account ID to enable electronic pass purchases.
Please contact Calgary Transit at 403-262-1000 for more information.
Property Tax Assistance Program This is an annual program that provides a credit/grant of the increase in property tax for your property; anyone “who is approved will receive an additional rebate from Waste and Recycling Services.” Applications are reviewed from June 1 to December 31 each year.
● Applications received after December 31 will b reviewed in June of the following year,
● You must own your home and reside in your home,
● You cannot own other property,
● You must own the property for a minimum of one year from date of purchase,
● You must have experienced an increase in property taxes from the previous year.
NOTE: The Property tax bill covers the period from January 1 – December 31.
Seniors Services Home Maintenance Program The Seniors Services Home Maintenance (SSHM) program provides home maintenance support to seniors (65 years and older) living in lower income households. SSHM has a range of service providers that deliver snow removal, grass cutting and light housekeeping services for its clients. The Seniors Home Maintenance Program has significant differences from the other City subsidy programs. As a result, applicants should refer to the FAIR ENTRY: SENIORS SERVICES HOME MAINTENANCE PROGRAM INFORMATION GUIDE to avoid confusion.
No Cost Spay/Neuter Program This program provides a free spay and neuter surgery for companion cats and dogs of eligible low income Calgarians. Following temporary suspension, the program is currently focusing on cats. Prioritizing cats is an important step in managing the stray cat population. Dogs may be phased into the program later in 2022. ● You must own the cat at the time of application.
● Your pet must be licensed at the time of application. All applicants must be in compliance with the Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Bylaw. Under the RPO Bylaw, at three months of age, all cats and dogs residing in The City of Calgary must have a City of Calgary license.
● Your pet’s license MUST be in the applicant’s name.
● A reduced license for a cat or dog will only apply after the pet’s current license expires and the animal has been spayed or neutered.
● This program is not available for breeders.
● Applicants can only apply for the program once in a 12-month period.
● You must be 18 years of age or older to apply.
● This No Cost Spay/Neuter program is offered by Calgary Community Standards.